Quality Policy

Company’stop management has assigned and published our quality policy which states our company’s objectives and leads to our goals and aims continuous development. This policy is delivered to our employees through trainings, for a beterunderstanding and apprehension. And also, the quality policy is d on bulletin board so that our employees, customers and suppliers will always be aware of our goals and promises.

Our quality policy is examined every year in aspects of acceptability, efficiency and indications of our goals. Our quality policy is a controlled document.

Our goal is to transform our company into a continuously developing industrial enterprise which prioritisescustomer satisfaction and internationally competitive in quality, price and efficiency. Our Quality Policy, devoted to this goal, is defined below:

•To fulfill our customers’ demands and expectations by providing the best quality, service and price in heat treatment sector.
•Ensuring internal customer satisfaction by acting in “Each process is the customer of previous process”  attitude.
•Implementing heat treatment services and furnace manufacturing with quality conciousnessby adopting to “Quality can not be controlled, it can be produced” principle.
• Constantly improving our quality by trainings and enabling our employees to participate.
• Efficient usage of labor, heat treatment furnaces, energy and raw materials.
•Extending the market share and being one of the leading companys’ in heat treatment sector.
•Avoiding hazardous activities by placing necessary importance to enviromentand nature.


Quality Certificates

ISO 9001-2015 Esenyurt
ISO 9001-2015 Imes
ISO 9001-2015 Gebze